The Exiles

Epidosde 2: From Tomb to Ruin to Maze
The Tower of Relagul

The exiles were successful overcoming each and every foe within the Tomb Under the Empty Star. The mild spoils included a crystal ball, a half of a magical rod, and a tome.

Fearful of the stone giant guardian standing watch on the roof of the tomb Chen ran as fast as he could leaving the dead place. Unfortunately, he ran into a field of magical darkness that was filled with spider webs. The Ettercap and his giant spider allies laid an ambush.

The other exiles joined in – trying to desperately attack the unknown monstrosities in the darkness. Using a torch, the webs were burned away. And then, using the crystal ball, Hyde scryed the sun – and that magical light slowly but surely pushed back the darkness. With the spiders destroyed, and scene made plain in the distance, at wood line there was the Ettercap – the last surviving member of the duo that attacked the exiles when they were wandering the wood for the Tomb Under the Empty Star.

Despite their best efforts to stop the creature, the Ettercap successfully evaded discovery – and ran across branches high and far into the dense woods.

Licking their wounds the exiles then went back to the beach. There they found an ancient stone ruin. Where was the hut and the old woman? And the crack in the ground? And the dogs lion, bear, and wolf? None of these were found – just rubble Upon further searching a broken altar was discovered, with two old woman hands, cupped together. While shifting through the broken pieces they group found a wandering and a lost cleric – named Gedrick. Gedrick offered his services, which the group gladly accepted.

With no other leads Tag opened the Quest scroll, which said:

Enter the City of Maze

Upon reading the scroll the exiles were suddenly surrounded by mist. Entering the mist, the group was brought to a hill before a huge city – that spanned over 50 miles.

Entering the city was dizzying – the throng of people coming and going was hard to comprehend. Never before had the exiles seen so many people in one pace. Eventually the group entered the city through the merchant gate – and upon doing so, found the Quest scroll’s instructions had changed:

Protect the Tower of Relagul for Seven Days!

While wandering a carriage approached the exiles; its patron was Lady Zsa Zsa Van Bleak, a
bald headed woman, with silver teeth, and long, bejeweled finger nails. Upon a brief conversation the Lady invited Hyde, Tag and to her manse – the Screaming Partridge for dinner that evening. To show her favor, and demonstrate the formality of the invitation she handed a token to each of the three characters; the red background with a picture of a brightly colored peacock with a human skull.

After the lady departed, the Quest Scroll began to glow. Reading it, the exiles saw the following

Protect the Tower Relaguul for Seven Days. Starting today!

In seeking the best route to the wizards tower, a lizard on a stick vendor shared that the city was made of multiple sections, each within an inner ring (Outer: Lower Guild & Lower Quarter, Middle: The Grand Bizarre, High Guilds, Temple Row & Low Nobles, Inner Perfect Gardens & High Noble, Center Alabaster Court; Queen Ladera (Symbol 6 bees around a gold coin). They also learned that the best and fastest way was by using the Carriers; the Gnome driven carriages, lead by tall ostrich like birds, with glowing yellow eyes, a prehensile tail with the front legs ending in bird talons, while the back horses. Paying the fee (5 gp per person), the party was whisked away to the merchant quarter and to the Tower of Relaguul.

The Tower of Relagul featured five faces at its base: a dragon, and old man, a dwarf, a Young looking woman, and a Minotaur. A moat surrounded the tower filled with white water. On the other side was a post with a silver bell. Ringing the bell the party met Relagul’s apprentices – Clotpole (a very tall man, who also shared he was the oldest and longest surviving apprentice) and Worm nose (a small plump man with a very long and ugly nose).

Upon showing the quest scroll Clotpole handed over a bag full of gems, and said:

No interruptions, no exceptions! Here is a bag of funds to pay for what has been ordered. Put it in its place! Now good day! And with that the apprentices crossed the dragon tongue bridge, and went inside.

Day 1: The anvil contest.
Hathor – the Human Smith (Red hair, tall bearded) and Borlin & Morlin Dwaven brothers demanding payment for their work in forging a bronze anvil. Instead of choosing one anvil, the group paid for both (1000gp in total)

After purchasing the anvils the group brought it to the blacksmith’s face – which opened – and swallowed them.

B. One eye Morti
A scraggly man dressed poorly came to the tower to sell some treasures. His name was One Eye Morti.
Green bottle (broken)
Seashell (dark purple)
Foldable bucket made of shark hide
Giant fish hook
Ladies shoe
Jar filled with sand
The group bought all of these items for four gold pieces.

Using the hook, Chen fished in the moat – and caught a 2 foot round white piranha looking fish – with a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. While trying to remove it from the hook, Tag received a prick from its dorsal fine – which poisoned him. (Thankfully, a restoration spell healed him).

Day 2. Nirb!

Early in the morning, a portal opened in front of the tower. A man emerged holding his mouth. In short order he exclaimed:
“I am Nirb the trapper! I’ve been cursed by Bogwrath the witch; she sent me here, claiming on he can save me! Help!

And immediately after Nirb starting spitting toads. Unfortunately, these became giant sized quickly – and thus began a deadly battle, that nearly killed many in the party. Hyde’s familar – Slave – a being made of chains managed to bind one of the creatures. Through a tough battle, and casting hold person on Nirb was the battle won. Unfortunately, while Nirb stopped spitting toads the action also killed him – as two more toads ate him from the inside out! Through this battle Chen fell in the water, and found it burned like acid. If not for the quick healing of the clerics Chen would have certainly died.

EPISODE 1: Sent into Exile

Highlights of Episode 1:

You found themselves in a cage – on a platform surrounded by knights with winged helms. A noble, with wild winglike hair read a pronouncement:

“Whether due to treachery, blasphemy or sodomy, you have broken our sacred laws. Perhaps due to a powerful patron, or just dumb luck you are being exiled – instead of killed. Simply complete the tasks on the Quest Scroll – and then you may be allowed to return. But not a moment before. Good bye.”

And with that, you were catapulted off a cliff into clouds – leaving behind the white walled city of your home, and the angelic titanic statue on the cliff behind, weeping an endless and raging waterfall of tears.

Landing in the shallows of an ocean, your unlikely band was attacked by a flock of mottled grey sea birds with long sharp beaks. After dispatching them, further up the beach there was a seemingly made old woman, fishing in a crack in the earth, surrounded by her three dogs: lion, wolf and bear.

Befriending her, by providing her bait (sand crow hearts), you helped her catch a giant eel. Dinner, inside her hut was satisfying – and comfortable. You soon read your Quest Scroll, and were commanded to:

Under the Empty Star
Desecrate the tomb of the wizard king,
And all that lies within

Soon you left the humble hut, and sought the tomb – under the empty star in the sky.
While walking through the forest you were attacked by a two creatures – Ettercaps. Through luck one was defeated – but the other was destroyed.

Later, the tomb was found. On top, bound by an ice chain, stood a stone giant – who stoically kept watch. Through speed and cat and mouse, you managed to avoid the guardian, and enter the tomb.

Inside the ancient burial structure had many traps – animated stature spear throwers, a fire spewing stature, and a demon snake guardian named Ssisssuraaaaggg, who was covered in red and black bands of color, and crowned with a black horn. In that room, upon rune tablets there was a story told – of serpent people from Carcosa coming through a portal – and bringing mankind magic – which allowed them to conquer the other tribes. Later the pictograms showed that due to a calamity the visitors to leave…

All of these were defeated, as were the skeleton generals. In a room full of lost souls, crystal statues, you found a pool filled with crystals. After removing a 100 of these, floor buckled and it started to rapidly drain. Leaving the pool, and down the stairs was the final encounter. The animated corpse of the wizard sitting upon a throne, with a crystal ball above it commanded his 70 clay soldiers to attack. Due to the water that fell upon them (from above) the clay soldiers began to disintegrate. After a tough fight and crossbow bolt, the wizard king was destroyed.

In the treasure room, you found an ancient tome, a half of a rod covered in demon faces, and a variety of weapons. Placing the crystal ball upon a inset within a pentagram – a serpent face appeared demanding obedience. Denying the offer, the one from beyond said – you’ll regret the decision – I’ll be back!"


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